English Mock Exam Practice 1

Hi, guys! Please do not mind me. My English Mocks are coming up, and so I thought I would revise by using exam style revision. On another note, do you want me to make a separate post about exam season?

Eve looked at Tom, watching as he pulled the bag out from his car boot. She didn’t really want to be here, to carry the bag and its contents, but she had no choice, really. It would’ve seemed rude otherwise.
“Could you grab the other end, please?” Tom asked, a weak smile on his face. This was hard for him, Eve thought. To bury his dog after fifteen years. She nodded and moved around to the other side of the bag, picking up the edges. They shuffled the bag out of Tom’s Toyota, then put it on the ground so he could lock his car.

Then, silently, they picked up the small square bag and carried on walking, all the way out into the field. Tom had chosen this spot because, well, it had been the bulldog’s favourite place to walk, run, and do all his doggie deeds.
“I really appreciate you joining me, Eve,” Tom thanked grievously, looking dull and grim. Eve nodded in reply.
“It was no trouble. I know how much this means to you, anyway,” she mumbled in replied, smiling sadly at him. His smile back was as sad.

Poppy the dog had been killed barely two days ago, after she’d gotten run over by a large car. Everytime Eve looked at her fiancee, she could see him replay the events in his mind, watching his much-loved dog die. Eve hadn’t been too fond of the dog herself; thinking he was ugly, but she wanted to show Tom she’d be there for him in thick and thin.

“Right here,” he spoke suddenly, pulling Eve back out of her train of thought. His voice was loud against the quiet field, which was empty albeit them. She only nodded again, and put the bag down. A hole the right size had already been dug, and they just had to lower the dog into it.
“Do you want to say a few words?” Eve asked gently, tilting her head slightly. Tom shook his head, full of emotion, so Eve took it upon herself to speak. “Poppy was a loyal dog,” she started, and Tom looked up at her. “She was hard to not love and was a lovely bear for bed time. She’s going to be missed dearly, but never unloved.” Tom looked grateful, and also tearful, like it was going to be too much for him. “Come on, let’s get her nice and warm,” Eve suggested, trying to pull away from the fact it was like a funeral. It was not long before Poppy’s remains were covered, and Tom had moved back over to Eve for support. She put her arm around him, and they walked away.


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