Drugstore Starter Kit!

Hi, guys! Today I’ve decided to share with you my drugstore starter kit. You all know I love the drugstore loads, and I’ve been through my fair share of products. Alas, I thought I’d help out those of you who are new to make up, like I was two years ago. 

  • PRIMER| Collection Pore Minimising Primer- this actually works!! It is amazing, and it lasts a full school day. If you do not have this in your life, wHAT ARE YOU DOING?
  • FOUNDATION| L’oreal True Match – as much as I love my Bourjois foundation, this L’Oreal one is just as nice, and with more shade range, I think it is perfect for beginners. Also, the finish is really natural.
  • CONCEALER| Collection Lasting Perfection + Miss Sporty Ten Hour- I can’t decide between the two- but the Miss Sporty one is a bit more peachy, and I overall like it better because it’s a tad easier to blend out. However, I have to give shade range to Collection, they’ve got something for everyone.
  • POWDER| Rimmel Clear Complexion – how are more people not talking about this? It makes me slightly matt, but still left me a little dewy and it sets my makeup, and it benefits my acne. I love it!
  • BRONZER| Collection Matt Bronzer – this is the perfect bronzer. It leaves me looking nice and tanned, but not orange.
  • BLUSHER| MUA in Cupcake – overall, the range of these small MUA blushers are not only cute but extremely pigmented, and only £1! They’re so nice, you’ll be collecting the collection in one shop!
  • HIGHLIGHT| MUA in Iridescent Gold – as previously said, the entire range of highlighters is fabulous. Once you’ve rubbed off the top layer, you get an extremely pigmented highlight, and they’ve got one for everyone. I love them too much.
  • BROWS| MUA Brow Gel in Dark Brown – everyone knows this is my go-to product for brows. It’s quick and easy! I think everyone deserves something like this.
  • EYESHADOW| Makeup Revolution Iconic Range – these eye palettes are great for newbies, because they hold everything you need. I have two already, and they’re so inexpensive, you’ll never need another palette.
  • MASCARA| MUA Eye Define – this is so good! It makes my lashes look longer, but naturally.
  • EYELINER| Miss Sporty The Meow Look – this is very easy to use, and it’s inexpensive. It’s great to try and nail that wing with!
  • LIP LINER| MUA Lip Liners- these are really nice and pigmented, and have their own sharpener on the lid! I just wish there was a darker nude. That’s be nice.
  • LIPSTICK| MUA in Fawn Fancy – my go-to nude. It’s a very nice lipstick, and works well for the price.


Until next time, buen día!


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