Review: A Christmas Carol

Hiya, guys! Do not worry about this post too much- it is a piece for my English homework (A Christmas Carol will be one of my GCSE Eng. Lit. exam texts). Likewise, I am so, so sorry for literally disappearing off the face of the earth! I will explain that later, and work on coming back. Anyway, time for homework!

A Christmas Carol is a novella that was written by Charles Dickens in the Victorian Era. It’s been made into many movies, too (my personal favourite? The Disney one). The story is all about an elderly man named Ebeneezer Scrooge, who happens to not be very nice. One Christmas Eve, however three (well, technically, four; I do think Jacob Marley helped a little) different kinds of spirits set out to change this.

My favourite spirit has to be the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come- he seems to freak Scrooge out the most, with his quiet and brooding attitude. However, he (I’m assuming) does not compete at all with the Ghost of Christmas Present. Bright, jolly, and all things happy, this spirit seems to be so ‘pure’ (read- he blesses the meals of the poor, and lets Scrooge stay at the party for an extra half-hour) he’s anything but horrid. On the other hand, I do feel as if the Ghost of Christmas Past is quite underrated, and it feels as if I read about her ages ago (well, we did start the book after the Christmas Holidays). But she is not to be left out- this one is described quite similarly to the spirit just mentioned, although she sounds like a bit of an angel.

This book, despite something I’d never usually read (but I had to- next we’re doing An Inspector Calls and I’m slightly excited), is a lot better than I originally expected. It conveys the nice image of ‘your actions might just send you to Hell’. No, I know that’s not a saying. Let’s try that again. For me, the message was that you shouldn’t forget where you came from, and also there are others in this world. Dickens originally intended for it to tell people that education will get you out of poverty- and even asked a good friend to help set up some schools. Remember, back then, only the rich could read.

And I seriously recommend you to check this book out. It’s a classic, lovely gem, and I’m so happy I got a chance to read it, because otherwise, I would’ve never given it a second glance. So, go on, nip to the local library in this lovely weather and have a read!

Until later, buen día!




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