February Writing Topic: Rooftops

Heyo! Sorry for the disappearance, guys. Really sorry, no excuse. Anyway, straight onto this month’s writing topic- being on rooftops.

Sophie made sure to set the blanket in the middle of the rooftop, so that they were safe from the edge. She didn’t know why she had picked a date on the roof, but it did look lovely at nighttime. Heck, she’d even brought up a projector so they could watch NCIS as they did, well, whatever.

Sophie was really excited for this date, because it was with her best friend, Tommy. It was Valentine’s Day, and the two of them were lonely, so they’d gotten together. Although Sophie was sure Tommy held no feelings for her, Sophie kept thinking it was a step forwards. That they were getting somewhere.

Sophie, of course, couldn’t help her feelings. He was good looking, and possibly the nicest, most kind-hearted man she’d even known. Even the thought of him made her smile.

In anycase, it was Sophie’s luck that something was bound to go wrong. An entire hour after their mock date was to start, Tommy called up.
“Hey, Soph?”
“Um, I won’t be able to make it tonight.”
“What? I did not carry a projector up five flights of stairs for nothing!”
“I know, it’s just that I- wait, you carried a projector up FIVE flights of stairs?”
“Yeah! We were going to watch NCIS.”
“Ah, Soph, come on. I’m sorry. It’s just, I actually got myself a date. Sorry.” With that, he hung up the phone. Sophie stood there, before dialling a different number. “Jane? I need some help.”


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