TESTING: Superdrug Masks!

Heyo! Today, I’m starting up yet another series on my blog. I love these things. I’m calling it TESTING, because it’s literally what it says on the tin. Testing things.

And so to kick-start it off, I thought I’d go with something I’ve never really tried before in the first case- masks. I’m really aware of my skin, which, in puberty stage, is covered in spots, and can get a little bit sensitive.

However, yesterday in Superdrug, me and my sister came across their mask range. They also had a three-for-two offer on, so we thought why not? And, of course, we all know I’m down for cheaper things that work. I mean, my favourite brands consist of MUA and Makeup Revolution. And Collection. I have a surprising amount of products from Collection.

Anyway, back to the masks. They’re 99p each, so bargain, right? I picked the Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask, whilst my sister went for the De-Stressing Mud Mask. Let’s focus on my one.

The description on the front of the pack states that it deeply cleanses and clarifies skin, and is great for oily and blemish-prone skin. Well, yeah, that’s my skin in three words. On the back, it says that it will revive and refresh your skin, help draw out dirt and impurities and leave your skin looking clear and radiant.

Another bonus is that these mask are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Apparently, Superdrug are against testing on animals.

Let’s talk about the mask itself. I applied it with a small foundation brush (I don’t like getting my fingers dirty) and the first thing I felt was a slightly painful stinging sensation. And because I’m weak, it didn’t feel great. However, I withstood it. I wanted to see if it worked.

After a few minutes, when I’d stopped applying, it stopped burning, but I could feel it hardening, alas its clay name. It kept me from talking. And after a while, it felt okay. The instructions say to keep it on for 10-15 minutes, so I left it on for thirteen, deciding it would take enough time for the warm water to come on.


That’s the last step- rinse with warm water. It was most definitely my favourite. It felt so good just feeling it melt off, if you like, my face. And I could see a difference. My skin, to start with, was as soft as a baby’s bottom. It was less red, my spots looked a lot more calmed down, and my skin looked better in general.

One thing I will say is that I have a tiny face, and there was a lot in the pack- I couldn’t use it all. However, Mum was on hand to save the day. Also, everyone’s got different skin. So, check out the others, and see how you feel about them. And that is it for this. Have a good day, bye!



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