January Writing Topic: Envy

Heyo! Before I get into this post, I just want to explain it. I want to do something a bit different on this blog, and so I had the thought of writing stories, with one main trend per one. So, this is going to be a monthly thing, where I get a random topic to write about. The stories won’t have any connection to each other, unless it says so at the start, and some of it may be fanfiction, but that’s talked about (again) at the start. So, I hope you like them!

january- envy

Louisa sat down at her desk, trying to avoid as many people as possible. She was embarrassed, to say the least. And shocked. Why had she done it? Why had she spoke up about it? Was she finally tired of being pushed around?

Maybe this was why Daniel had broken up with her. Sometimes, she couldn’t control her temper.

And yet, there he was, sitting with Alice Green.

Louisa just couldn’t understand why it was her. Why it was Alice Green, out of the hundred-something girls at her school. It wasn’t fair. He knew. Daniel knew the girl wasn’t nice to Louisa. Heck, Alice seemed to have some kind of vendetta against Louisa. To her, Alice seemed kind of envious.

Louisa smiled slightly. Yes, maybe that was the problem. Even though Alice hadn’t said anything since she and Louisa’s ex had hooked up, she kept giving Louisa these smiles. They said, “Are you jealous, yet?” In the end, that’s what drove Louisa to do what she did. But she wouldn’t do it again. Because this would say Louisa was jealous.

But still. This was low, for Daniel. And she could not understand why he’d picked Alice. Or even Louisa in the first place.She should’ve known. He was the one who’d scared away all her friends in the first place. Her parents hated him. He did this to everyone. Why would Louisa, little musical Louisa, be any different. At least people knew who Alice was.

Think of their differences made a feeling strike up in Alice again, and although she couldn’t identify it then, she knew deep down what it really was.

She’d succumbed to envy.



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