One by Sarah Crossan + The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

Heyo! Today, I’ve got a book review I promised you. They’re great books. Also, how is your 2017 going? Sorry these are so short, but I don’t want to give out spoilers.

One, Sarah Crossan: this book isn’t my usual book. No romance, no action, 100% not dystopian. However, it was amazing. It’s a story about conjoined twins, and what their lifestyle is like. It’s a really eye-opening book, and is just great. I’m so glad I read it. Although the format is kind of unusual, I enjoyed it and the way it was written. I can’t wait to read other books by her!

The Crown’s Game, Evelyn Skye: now, this is more my kind of book. It’s set back in time, with the Russian empire. It involves magic. And romance. And death. It’s wonderful. And so despairing. It’s a great book, not going to lie. The detail is great, and it’s really nicely written.

Anyway, I am very excited for next week, which will be a monthly thing. Bye!


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