Sleek Storm +A New Day Palettes

Heyo! I’m coming back at you today with something I’ve been meaning to do forever. I’m going to talk about my two Sleek Palettes.

Sleek is a wonderful drugstore brand, not too cheap, but not too expensive, The palettes I’m going to review today are the Storm and A New Day. Warning: I’ve had these some time.

|STORM : As per usual, this palette has the matt black covering with the name. But let’s get into the eyeshadows.

Okay, can we talk about how beautiful these eyeshadows are? Look at them! This palette features 9 shimmers, one of which dubs as a highlight, and there are three matts, one as a base colour, one as a crease colour and a matt black, which can be handy. This palette has everything for a day-to-night look: with a silver, blue, green and a purple, you can go crazy with it. It also has a lovely pink, and variations of gold. My personal favourites are the three at the end of the top row.

Look at the swatches!

These shadows are highly pigmented, and feel so buttery on the eye. They blend well, and go together rather nicely. In fact, I think that this may be my favourite palette of the two.

|A NEW DAY: Same packaging as the other. Another great thing about these palettes are the mirrors.


This palette is more toned down than the other, perfect for day time.It also has more of a range of matts within it. Altogether, there are 6 matts and 6 shimmers, with two highlighters. In this palette, a lot of the matt shades can be the base one too. However, the two matts in the bottom row do well as a crease colour.


This palette doesn’t swatch as well, and although the shadows are the same formula, some don’t feel as creamy, and aren’t as highly pigmented. However, it’s still a really good palette and is great for school, work, etc. I still rather like it.

So, if you haven’t got a clue for which to palettes to start with, these two are great, because they’ve got everything you need. I love them.

Until next time, Xenia !!


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