How To: Get Ready Faster!

Heyo! I’m considering it’s now back to school, I thought I’d tackle something we all struggle with- getting ready quickly in the mornings. Whether you’re going to school, work, or just want to get ready faster, I really hope I can help.

TIMERS: timers are a great way to help you get ready. Usually, I’ll set my timer whilst I’m on the toilet, in the shower, getting changed, and putting on make-up. Obviously, the lengths of these things change, but it helps me keep track of time.

MAKEUP: separate the make up you use into another bag. I usually wear the same sort of stuff for school, so it’s better for me to put it in another bag instead of rummaging through my actual makeup bag.

THE INTERNET: a lot of people (myself included) waste most of their time in the morning on their phone. So what I like to do is wait until I’ve started eating breakfast. This way, I can concentrate better on changing.

LUNCHI always make my lunch the night before. I find it’s better this way, as I now what I’m putting in my lunch and that I’m not chucking things in. Also, it saves a lot of time. Lots.

BAG: like above, prepare your bag the night before. That way, you need to only pop in last minute things (lunch, keys, phone) the next day and be out on your way.

So, those are my morning golden rules. As long as I follow these rules, I’m usually ready in 45 minutes. I uploaded my YouTube video last night, also, and it’s three quick and easy back to school hairstyles. I’ll leave the link below. See you next week!


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