10 Things I Learned On Holiday

Heyo! My short disappearance is explained in this post- I went on holiday. This is the result. Also, there was an event that happened on one of the holidays, and I’m dying to do a tutorial for that, so watch out!!

I went on two different holidays, one straight after the other, so there’s going to be five things from each.


  1. WATER is a very, very good idea. It’s hot over there, and I’m a terrible drinker. I got dizzy enough to once fall off the toilet (and into the shower) and drop my phone and walk into a wall the other time. Yeah, drink water my friends!!!!!!
  2. MOSQUITO DEFENDERS, like wipes and sprays, are also very good. I came back with at least twenty bites. At least.
  3. MEAT– don’t try it! My family had, they all got sick. I’m a veggie, but someone managed to sneak some in a curry I had on the last day, and I was sick on the plane home. We came home Thursday, and I’m still a little sick.
  4. FANS– always carry one. Power-outs happen a lot, and UPSs are very expensive. And it’s very hot. If the fans don’t work, you will be sweatin’ like a sinner in a church.
  5. MAKE-UP should be light. It’s likely you’ll end up sweating it off, and power only goes so far. In fact, half the make-up I brought, I didn’t use. Bring a light-weight foundation and concealer, a powder, a highlighter and bronzer, eyebrow mascara, one natural eyeshadow palette (I used the Sleek A New Day ), a natural mascara and a lip balm. Eyeliner’s going to weigh down your eyes, and probably sting or melt, and blush will disappear.


  1. COFFEE is not good for me. It gives me cramps and diarrhoea. It was painful. I still drink it anway. (Fun Fact: if you go three days without coffee, you won’t need to drink it again. Until you do drink it again.)
  2. ICE CREAM makes me gassy. I’ll still eat it.
  3. CHECK THE INGREDIENTS in whatever you buy. I got this salad, thought it was veggie. It had pork. Before I was a veggie, I still wasn’t allowed to eat pork. Whoops.
  4. TESCO’S IN WALES are legit like a Boots. They had full stands of Bourjois, Barry M, Rimmel, Sleek, Maybelline, L’Oreal (both of the previous two do animal testing) and brands I haven’t even heard of. Also, those lovely Casio calculators? A fiver. Get yourself down there, child.
  5. ALWAYS HAVE THE NUMBER OF YOUR BREAKDOWN COVER so you can call them. The car battery ran out, and no-one memorises the number of the RAC. Be organised.

So, that’s it. I think, I’ll film the make-up tutorial with the products I mentioned a couple of weeks ago ( I got some new ones, too!). Look out for that. Otherwise, see the look on my instagram @tvfxenia. Bye!!


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