YouTubers To Check Out

Heyo! Today’s blog post will be sort of different. I’m going to hop straight into it.

So, it’s the summer holidays, and after the first week, everybody’s bound to get bored. So, I’ve gathered up some YouTubers you’ve probably not heard of, and therefore am entertaining you!

  1. Robs WiFi: Comedy Central. This guy is so hilarious, it’s impossible. If you need a laugh, I’d suggest him.
  2. Eleventh Gorgeous: They’re a little more popular, and more on the beauty side, but I’ve really been enjoying them recently. I’m also obsessed with the vlog channel, TeeAndEss
  3. Grace And Grace: Again, beauty gurus. But, for girls my age, they’re pretty good.
  4. Ebony Day: I love Ebony! She’s a great YouTuber, with a mix on her channel. I’d also suggest her vlog channel, too. Got me addicted.
  5. Mandeville Sisters: Grace and Amelia are the greatest sisters of YouTube. I might be in love with them. They’re so cool!

And that’s it. These are some of my personal favourites, and I hope you like them!


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