DIY Cat Toys

Heyo! For this week’s post, I thought I would do something simple. I own two cats, and the amount of money we’ve spent on toys and beds and cat things is unbelievable. And to top it off, they don’t even use them!

If you want a simple solution, carry on reading.


  1. A cardboard box: Every time we go to Costco, we always bring home a box. Cats love boxes. Lots. Seriously, I think my cats live in their boxes. They make perfect beds, and the small space keeps them warm and it’s excellent to keep small toys (mainly catnip. The only toy worth investing in). Puls, cats + boxes = funny and cute videos.
  2. A LED light: Turn off the lights, and turn on the small pin-sized light, move it around the room, and voila! Cats chase after it like crazy, and it’s a great exercise. And great entertainment.
  3. String: Dangle it, tickle them with it, and they will have the time of their life. Plus, one of my cats has a weird chew thing. The other is just anti-social, kind of like me.
  4. Hangers: excellent to poke them and tickle them with, and they’ll attack it like mad.
  5. A bag: like a box, but you can carry them easier with it and they hide funnier in it.

So, those are my cats toys that I use. It’s all you need. Remember to check out my YouTube channel for my video this month- Birthday Presents 2016. Bye!


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