Top Period Tips

Heyo! This blog is going to seem really rushed. Anyway, tomorrow, I will be fourteen! Finally. And as excited as I am to celebrate my birthday, there is something I’m going to have to put up with. Well, two things.

No WiFi, and Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, as a girl, my period is one of the things I have to experience. However, my period seems to really hate me, giving me stomach twisting cramps. Here are a few of my tips that really help me survive my period.

  • Spares: On your period? Have some spare tampons/pads. Not on your period? Have them anyway. If your period comes unexpectedly during the day, you will be so thankful that you thought ahead. Plus, what about other girls? Be a superhero. The Period Destroyer.
  • Hot Water Bottle: I cannot recommend this enough. If you have terrible cramps, I suggest a hot water bottle, especially at night. Even a hot cloth will do. This will ease the pain, and it makes you feel a lot better. Trust me on this.
  • Distract Yourself: My terrible cramps will only appear in the morning, whilst I’m getting ready for school, and in the evening, when I’m having my dinner. This is usually because I’m not doing anything, so my brain can concentrate on pain. At school, I always feel better because I’ve always got something to do, from tests to presentations to wondering if fish get thirsty (they do.).
  • Drinking Water: Okay, I know it sounds stupid, but you should really drink up. There are two good things to come out of this. Three, actually. The first one is that water will keep your periods light. I always seem to have really heavy periods, but usually in a school day I have one-two bottles of water, and that is when my periods are light. Seriously, this works. Secondly, because you’ve drunk a lot, you’ll need a wee, so you can change your pad/tampon. Finally, it can stop you getting spots on your forehead.
  • Look After Yourself: During your period, you will go through a lot of changes. It is vital that you look after yourself by: a. cleaning your face twice a day
    b. not overworking
    c. eating and drinking
    d. staying clean.
    These all have their own benefits, trust me.


That’s all for this week. Next time I see you, I will be fourteen with a bunch of presents to show you and a YouTube Video. Bye!


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