TopShop Foundation Review

Heyo! Today, we’re doing beauty. Yesterday, I made and impulse buy and bought the TopShop The Foundation. I had heard that TopShop’s beauty range was made by MAC, and thought I’d give it a try. Why not?

I got the product for £5 at sale price, but I don’t know how much the actual price is. Also, this isn’t sponsored.

this is what it looks like. the box is all silver, and so cool!

When I first opened the foundation, I fell in love with the packaging. The silver box, and the silver lid and white top. The bottle was a clear matte, and it made me even more excited.

The one bad thing I will say about this product is that you really have to shake- otherwise it goes to runny. Also, I’m not sure what the white topper thing is for. When I squeezed it, nothing happened.

On the packaging, it says you should apply it straight to the face (cheek, forehead, chin, etc.) But I didn’t do that, due to my spots. Instead I put a little on my hand, and start to apply it. You don’t actually need that much of it. It has great coverage (even if the bottle says medium) and just looked uber-natural. Applying it, it was silky smooth. It was also very easy to blend with my fingertips. The finished look? Natural.

I would definitely recommend this look if you’ve got school, or you work somewhere where they are extremely strict about makeup. I got it in the shade 3.0, but 2.0 would have worked fine. The next shade up was very dark, but overall? 5/5.

So, there you go. If you’ve been pondering about this product, I would say buy it. I’m not sure if I’ll post next week, but it’ll probably have something to do with my birthday, the next time I post (July 4th). Bye!


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