Your UK School Guide

Heyo! It’s basically the end of exam time here, (at least, if you’re doing your GCSEs) and I’ve also seen a lot of Tumblr posts about school in the UK (today: that one about the boys wearing skirts. Hasn’t happened in my school yet.) I thought, before you decided the UK was best for education,  would give you what it’s really like here.

(Yes, I am British. I am 13 (14 in 15 days) which means I am in Year Nine- Secondary School. In two years, I will have just finished my GCSEs, cause I don’t take History!)

  1. The Grades

Okay, I found this post with the old F-A* Grading System a couple of months ago and again, today. Notice I said old. That’s cause it’s all changing.

The current Year 11s are the last of the lot to have all of their subjects in the old style grading. I think the Year 10s are the first to have the new one for core, but my year- we’ve got it for all of our subjects. It’s now in numbers, from 1-9. 9 is considered higher than an A*, and and 8 is in between A-A*. It’s so confusing, let me tell you that now.


Did that help? Didn’t think so. And to top that off, all our exams have gotten harder. In Physics, we won’t have an equations sheet, we’re expected to remember them and we won’t have coursework.

2. Uniform

In the UK, you have to wear uniform, all the way up to college. And some sixth forms make you wear uniform. Now, I know it doesn’t sound bad, but imagine, in the summer, wearing a dark blue blazer, and not being allowed to take it off, especially in exams. Yeah, it’s terrible.

Most schools wear black or navy blue blazers, with either white or blue shirts, and ties. I HAVE TO WEAR A TIE WITH EIGHT STRIPES EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY. Also, in most schools, you are not allowed to wear jewellery, you can only have one ear piercing, no other piercings, and no make-up.

Yep, no make-up. Most of us have a talent for making our make-up look super-super natural, but 6/10 times they can tell. Also, you’re not allowed your phone out during the school day, on school premises. That’s no Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat for at least six-and-a-half hours.

Back to actual uniform, if you go to an all-girls school, you can’t wear trousers, as far as I know. Only mixed schools give girls options to wear those. And boys can’t wear shorts. Not even in the summer. Only when it’s part of the SET PE KIT. And P.E is mandatory.


So, I hope that really cleared it up for you. If you still have any questions about the UK school system, I can give you those. Below, I’m just going to give you the age/year system.

4yrs=Year R   5yrs= Year 1   6yrs=Year 2   7yrs=Year 3   8yrs=Year 4   9yrs=Year 5
10yrs=Year 6

11= Year 7   12= Year 8   13= Year 9   14= Year 10   15= Year 11 / GCSE



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