PUR MINERALS Secret Crush Palette

Heyo! I’m doing a makeup review today on the PUR Minerals Secret Crush Palette. I have mine in Rose, and it costs around £24 from M&S, but I think it’s worth it.

So the palette looks like this:

It’s prettier in real life, I swear!
And in total has eight eyeshadows:

Yes, I know I’m terrible at taking pictures.
So these eyeshadows have pretty much the same amount of pigmenting, so whether it shows up on your skin or not depends on your skin colour (the first two don’t show up on me). But they’re all really pretty!

So, the first three look like this (and we will name them, as they do not have a name):

LTR: Snowmen, Princess Peach and Coppah
These are the three most prettiest. The first two don’t actually show up with glitter, but the one we named Coppah does, but it’s very muted. Here are some close ups, but I warned you they didn’t show up very well on me!

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

As I said, these didn’t show up well, but if you’re in M&S, take a tour round to the Beauty area and try these out. Princess Peach and Snowmen look the same, but PP does actually have a pink undertone.

The next three are definitely easier to see:

LTR: Bruh, Richie and Specialtiy
 Ignore the one on the far right for now. These three are my favourite on the palette, because they match my eyes (which are brown). I also think they could suit anyone.

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO









Processed with VSCO

These showed up way better on my hand, and the colours are (singsong voice) amazing! They have goldie-brown undertones, and are also muted in the glitter area.







Okay, the last two are the darkest, and show up really well in the pictures:

LTR: Speciality, Brownie and Jet
We’ve already seen Speciality, but Brownie and Jet are the perfect ones for school or work. They are simple, and could also be used as an eye contour or even in your brows.

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

Okay, they’re totally not shiny, so don’t freak about your eyebrows. But these are simple shades, and could just be used on their own or under the eyes.




So, that’s the palette! I’m sorry the pics aren’t that good, so whenever you are in M&S, it is worth checking them out! If you want to spend a bit of money on yourself or get someone a gift, I do recommend these because they may be expensive, but they last forever and look so nice. I hope you enjoyed this, and I hoped it helped!


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