Wattpad: Do’s & Don’ts

Heyo! Since the success of the character q+a, I thought I’d give the writing side of life another shot. If you didn’t read the title, today we are doing Wattpad do’s and don’ts.

Let me get something straight before we start, though- everyone has different preferences. These are simply mine, but from what I’ve read, they kind of are similar to other’s opinions. You can use these as guidelines, but ultimately, how you write is up to you.

DO’S :

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar- or SPAG. If you’re not sure how to spell a word, Google it, and you can always copy your text into Google Translate to be read aloud, or copy it into something like Word to check grammar’s correct. Try to re-read it to make sure it makes sense, and once you finish a story, go back through it and make the changes needed. 
  • Make sure you know what you are writing about – make a storyboard, or plan your chapter titles like I have. I kind of dived straight into ‘Those Three Gryffindors’, and now I’m planning the sequel so it has a bit more structure. 
  • Set a mood- do this with a song, or a picture/gif/aesthetic. When you start to write a new chapter, at the top are two buttons- a photo and a camera. The photo will allow pictures and gifs, and the camera is for YouTube videos. You can’t upload direct, only link pictures from their link address, but there’s so much you can find on the internet. 
  • Add a cast- especially for characters that are your own (OC’s). Setting a person for characters often helps people to know the general idea of what your character looks like. This is a great option, because as far as I know, there are no limits! 
  • Upload frequently- or at least try. Generally, I try to update my main stories at least once a week, but I will update the oldest first and make my way from that. But the more you upload, the more likely people will read your story!


  • Go into detail about what the character’s bedroom/bathroom/kitchen/house looks like- we don’t needed to know this. Yes, it is a way to fill up chapters, but we’d rather have a small chapter with what we actually need to know than a giant chapter with useless information. Sorry.
  • Make your character (or any, for that matter) flawless- we all know it’s not real. No one is perfect, and we all have flaws. I speak too loud, I get over excited, I can go from happy to grumpy and I cannot fend for myself. Make sure we can relate to your character. 
  • Have bad SPAG- it scares me away. Your story could be one of the best, but people might not read it, because bad SPAG looks terrible, and after a minute, we get so frustrated with all the mistakes. Grammar matters, people. A few wrong spellings, okay. I’ll let you off. 
  • Steal ideas- this makes it boring. Click on the fanfiction genre, and the first thing you will see? Kik, Instagram, etc., it’s always something to do with social media. At first, yes, it was cool, but everyone does it now. Do something different! Make it stand out! How do you think Suzanne Collins and Cassandra Clare’s books did so well? It’s because they’re not your typical story. The occasional clichés are okay.
  • Say it all in the title- that just gives the story away. If you tell us the story in the title (example- The Bad Boy Hates Me, But I’m Pregnant With His Child!) we already know what happens, and therefore we don’t need to read it. It just fills up our library. Titles should really be one-three words, and the name of the celeb/their initials if you’re writing a fanfiction.

So, that’s pretty much the guidelines for me! We all have our own writing style though, and I actually never plan my stories. I try to at least have a base idea on what will happen, though, and let it flow from there. This weekend, I will have a review on the new Alice in Wonderland movie, and I hope that it’s good, otherwise I won’t review it. Bye!


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