Develop Your Characters!

Heyo! I’m going to help you today, with writing.

So, the whole point of this post is to help writers develop their characters more. Some of the questions really need you to think deep, and I love it!

(these are simply off a post from Tumblr, but I wanted to share it with you.)





  1. What do I know about this character that they don’t know yet?
  2. What is the character’s greatest flaw?
  3. What do you know about the character that they’d never admit?
  4. What is the character’s greatest asset?
  5. If the character could be another person, who would they be?
  6. What music does that character sing to when alone?
  7. Who does the character trust the most?
  8. What’s the character’s favourite movie?
  9. Does this character have a favourite article of clothing?
  10. Does the character have a vice?
  11. Name the character’s favourite person?
  12. What is the character’s secret wish?
  13. What is the character’s proudest achievement?
  14. Describe the character’s most embarrassing moment.
  15. What is the character’s deepest regret?
  16. What is the character’s biggest fear?
  17. Describe the character’s most devastating moment.
  18. What is the character’s biggest achievement?
  19. What is this character’s biggest hope?
  20. Does this character have an obsession?
  21. What is the character’s greatest disappointment?
  22. What is the character’s greatest nightmare?
  23. Who does the character wish to please most and why?
  24. Describe the character’s mother.
  25. Describe the character’s father.
  26. If they had to choose, who would the character prefer to live with?
  27. When was the character born?
  28. Describe the character’s sibling and/or close family.
  29. Describe the character’s bedroom. Include their three most cherished items.
  30. What is their star sign? How does this align with their personality?
  31. If the character had to be secluded for six months, what six things would they bring?
  32. Why does the character get angry?
  33. What calms the character down?
  34. Describe a recurring dream/nightmare the character may have.
  35. List the choices (not circumstances) that got the character to where they are now.
  36. List the circumstances that got the character to where they are now.
  37. What wakes up the character in the middle of the night?
  38. How would a stranger describe the character?
  39. What does the character resolve to do every morning?
  40. Who depends on the character and why?
  41. If the character had one month to live, what would they do?
  42. How would a relative/friend describe the character?
  43. What is the character’s most noticeable physical attribute?
  44. What is the character hiding from themself?
  45. Write one random fact about the character?

This certainly helped me. If you want to check out one of my stories, my Wattpad is indiebaex. I hope this helps, bye!


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