Dramione Headcanons

Heyo! Today, I come with something known as Dramione. Now, a very long time ago, my first post involved Dramione. And I’m here to talk about my favorite Dramione Headcanons. So, if you don’t ship Dramione, leave or prepare to have your life ruined.

(creds to Tumblr users in brackets)

  • (andrcomedablck) 5 year old Scorpius dressed up as a wizard-knight saving Hermione, who is dressed as a princess lock in a tower guarded by Draco who’s dressed up as an evil dragon.
  • (kylorensrey) Hermione’s patronus changes from an otter to a dragon after going on a date with Draco.
  • (rvenclws) Draco having no idea what to get Hermione for Christmas.
  • (basically everyone does this) Blaise being the third wheel in almost every situation.
  • (avdubs) Dramione being new parents.
  • (dramione-vincet-semper) Pansy spraying Amortentia in the common room so Draco will think of her everytime he walks in. But he just smells Hermione and it confuses him. And it frustrates him so much that he holes himself up in his dorm and curses her bushy head.
  • (everyone also uses this) Draco falling in love with everything Muggle Hermione shows him.

And trust me, I could go on f o r e v e r. But, these will have to do. Don’t forget to check out those Tumblr accounts, and mine- thatvloggingfangirl. See you all next week.


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