The 5 Song Playlist Effect

Heyo! So, this week I am going to be doing something very different. The title, known as the 5 Song Playlist Effect, doesn’t really explain what this post is about.

I have come up with this project, though, named as above. It is supposed to help you get through whatever dark feeling you are experiencing. As soon as the five songs are over, you should feel at least mildly better.

I have tried to come up with every dark/sad feeling I can remember, but you can add other in the comments.



The Beach// The NBHD
Close Your Eyes// Meghan Trainor
Favourite Record// Fall Out Boy
Settle Down// The 1975
West Coast// Lana Del Rey


Crybaby// Melanie Martinez
Daddy Issues// The NBHD
Jet Pack Blues// Fall Out Boy
Summertime Sadness// Lana Del Rey
Demons// Imagine Dragons


Ex’s And Oh’s// Elle King
Blow Me One Last Kiss// Pink
Heartbreak Girl// 5SOS
Blue Jeans// Lana Del Rey
Snap Out Of It// Arctic Monkeys


Jet Black Heart// 5SOS
Just One Yesterday// Fall Out Boy
R.I.P 2 My Youth// The NBHD
Hold Me Down// Halsey
Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself


Mrs.Potato Head// Melanie Martinez
Cruel World// Lana Del Rey
Sugar, We’re Going Down// Fall Out Boy
Girls// The 1975
Youth// Foxes

So, I hope this helps. Spread it around,or make your own. Tag me in them- Social Media down below.

IG- @thatvloggingfangirl

TWITTER- @tvfxenia


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