Favourite Artist(s): The NBHD

Heyo! I really was procrastinating this post, but I’m sucking it up and doing it. Today, I come forth with another FA. This time, it’s a band called The Neighbourhood.

left-right:Bryan Sammis, Zachary Abels, Jesse Rutherford, Michael Margott and Jeremy Freedman (I think)

The very first song I heard by them was called ‘Sweater Weather’. It’s a good song. It was the only I had of them, though, for a while, until I dived in deeper.

And I have one word: G R U N G E

I’m not even kidding. Listen to R.I.P 2 My Youth and Daddy Issues, and you’ll see what I mean. Two other good songs are ‘Flawless’ and ‘The Beach’.

I don’t really know lots about this band, but they’re certainly great to listen to. So, go check them out, and comment facts to go into this page (I will give credits). That’s all for this week. Bye!


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