Neko Atsume

Heyo! I was kind of busy last week, but I haven’t forgotten about you. First of all, I FOUND MY BOOKLIST! I lost it, and I’ve found it, SO SCHOOL LIBRARY HERE I COME! Second of all, the HPST pics won’t be up by Easter. Maybe the end of the year.

Anyway, today is about Neko Atsume. If you haven’t heard of this app (where have you been, honey?), then it’s a game, where you have a yard (garden) and it’s a cat heaven. You buy food, toy, heater, and so on. You can’t choose/buy the cats though, they come to you.

And once you see them, you can take pictures and re-name them.

It’s probably the cutest app ever. And the most addicting. But then, I’m a cat lover. It’s an amazing app, though, and an excellent way to pass time.

So, that’s it. I guess you can call it an app recommendation, but I really have not got a clue as to what I should post. Also, this month’s video is up on YouTube! My account is ‘That Vlogging Fangirl’, and it’s a room tour. Comment if you watched it, and if you liked it. Bye!


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