How To: Stay Warm

Heyo! I’ve decided that this week should be devoted to warmth, as where I live it’s currently chucking it down and this week it has been pretty cold. Also, this list will be impractical. Sort of. Anyway, let me keep you no more from the cold (did that make sense?)

  • Get. A. Pet. Seriously. I’ve got two cats, and I don’t think there’s anything warmer than them.
  • Hot water bottle. Kind of in the name. But, they last forever.
  • Hairdryer. Good, if you like holding stuff. Bad, if you’re lazy like me.
  • Hand warmers. They’re not forever, but they work. They also burn your hand.
  • Coffee. This is probably the greatest thing ever.
  • Tea. I’m not a big tea fan, but go ahead.
  • Laptops. However, you have to really use them. Mine’s still warming up.
  • Sweaters. They can look cute, too. Win-Win, I’d say.
  • Heaters. If yours is really good.
  • Gymnastics. I know this from first-hand experience.

And that’s it. I’ve got a mind block right now, so if you have any suggestions leave a comment below. Bye!


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