Wonder- R.J Palacio

Heyo! I know I said last week that there’d be a Wattpad Reading List, but let’s face it- there are way to many books, and not everyone has Wattpad.

So, I decided to do the first book review of the year- Wonder.


Let’s put it this way- this book made me cry, as it did the school librarian.

I am currently in my third re-read of it. I got this out on Monday. That’s basically a week. I’ve never re-read a book three times in a week.

It’s a book about a kid named August, who has loads of rare illnesses to cause him to look something that’s not like your average kid. It’s set in modern America, and is probably the death of me. (RIP, Alan Rickman/Snape).

But the story of it is beautiful. It’s the tale of the world these days. Judgemental. Artificial. And the quote on the back?

Don’t judge a boy by his face. – Wonder, R.J Palacio

This was definitely one of the things that made me love this book ten times more.

So, I’m glad that I put this book in the reading list of 2016. It’s making want to go for the next one. And I cannot wait.

Let me know if you died reading this, too. I don’t know what’s happening next week, but there will be a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio (aka Harry-effin-Potter) in Februray. I hope to vlog that. Bye!


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