15 Ways To Be Healthier!

Heyo! I have no excuse for disappearing last week, but this week (and the rest of January) is to do with New Years’ Resolutions. I bet you at the top of many people’s lists is losing weight, or simply being healthier. And this was actually my English homework, so I guess I can share this with you!

15 Ways To Be Healthier

Remember, these are only suggestions.

  • You should NOT stop eating entirely. You can halve portions and stop snacking, but you MUST eat!
  • These are only suggestions. You can’t cut sugar out entirely, and not eating flour for a long time can cause you to be allergic to gluten.
  • These aren’t for everyone, but you can find plenty more suggestions all over the internet.

So, next week, I’m doing my booklist for 2016 + a book review. Bye!


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