Xmas Gift Guide|#afangirlchristmas

Heyo! This week is a sort of gift guide thing; I’m basically giving you places to shop for gifts. Anyway, Christmas is next week! AHHHHH!


This was obvious, come on. Poundland is a great place to get prezzies for a Secret Santa or stocking fillers. Everything is a pound, after all.


Primark is a good place to go if you’re going to look somewhere for a fashionista. They sell a lot of things, accessories + home wear included, so head here if you’re on a budget.


Beauty guru? Well, then Boots is the perfect place! They do good quality make up, beauty ranges + other beauty-related things and is quite affordable.


Albeit more expensive than Primark, H&M is better quality. There are still plenty of not-too expensive products, and is quite quirky too!

So, there you have it! A few good places to shop for Christmas presents. I literally just wrote this now, so it’s possibly going to be edited. Bye!


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