A Potter Christmas|#afangirlchristmas

Heyo! I’ve got my Gala tomorrow, so I’m uploading today. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce you to my Christmas Series: #afangirlchristmas. This series will include Christmas related things (duh) and will carry on up till the Sunday after Christmas (27th).

Before we get on to that, though, I went and saw Mockingjay Part 2 on Wednesday, and I now have no emotions left.

Anyway, the first post for the series is all about the Potter’s Christmas.

The Potter’s!

Let’s start with the kids. James and Albus would have both come back from Hogwarts, with stories to share with Lily, whilst Harry tells them some of his. They would have gotten their presents for their family at Hogwarts just to excite Lily even more.

Hogwarts at Christmas

And of course all the Weasleys (as in, ALL the Weasleys) will be there. Mrs. Weasley will be helping Ginny out with the Christmas dinner, all the kids will be messing about, and Harry, Ron and Hermione will be together, chatting like they always used to. George would be pulling pranks on everyone, whilst Percy tries to restore order.

Christmas with The Weasley’s

And that’s all I can think about, really. So right now, I’m going snuggle up to watch a movie with food. But if you have any ideas, tweet me(@tvfxenia) or use #afangirlschristmas. Bye!



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