The Infernal Devices

Heyo! Today’s post is all about The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. Now, if any of you have read The Mortal Instruments, then you’ve probably heard of these books.

The Shadowhunter books are quite an amazing series of books. I’ve only just gotten my hands on The Infernal Devices from my school library, and I’ve been speeding through them. They’re so good, and I’m always excited to read the next one.

The first book in the series is called Clockwork Angel. I found this one quite interesting, as it is the start of Tessa Gray’s journey to join the Shadowhunters. Upon reading this, I couldn’t help but compare how similar yet different Tessa and Clary’s stories were. However, this book tells you a bit more than what Clary did.

The next one is called Clockwork Prince. I liked this one the best, I think. It told a lot more about each character’s history, yet kept Tessa’s secret. It’s the second most emotional, however. And Gideon and Sophie’s love story is just so fluffy I died.

Finally, there is Clockwork Princess. As the final book, it certainly delivered. It was emotional, but had so much action. It reminded me of City of Heavenly Fire, and Cecily Herondale is the best. Honestly. And Charlotte and Henry are about as sweet as Gideon/Sophie.

The books are set in Victorian times. This makes them even more interesting, as we learn a lot about Victorian London and Shadowhunters. These books, much like The Mortal Instruments, follow on one storyline- on defeating one things. And there are the characters’ relatives! It also gives women a stand, and that’s what I like.

So, there we go. This week’s post. I have no idea what to do next week, but I think I’m going to do one about my new favourite jumpers, one of which I am wearing now. But, don’t forget to give all Cassandra Clare’s books a try!


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