Foundation + Concealer!

Heyo! My first post is about my go-to make up products.

So, foundation and concealer. My concealer is the Natural Collection CoverUp Cream in medium. It’s around £1.99. I use for school to hide my under-eye dark circles and my spots. For a basic concealer, it actually has a good coverage and lasts forever! My first one I’ve had since May, and I went to get a new one last weekend. I do actually still have some of the old one in there, though. It’s pretty blendable, I just use my fingertips or a small brush. For everyday, it’s quite nice.

The foundation is the L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Foundation in 4N Beige. This was £9.99. It’s the first one I’ve used since No.7, and I have to say, it’s a good match. I wore it to school and my eagle-eyed mentor had no notice. In fact, none of my friends did either! It’s very blendable, and had amazing coverage. That day, my spots were quite red, yet they were hidden pretty well. When I took it off for the night, there was no redness which was good, as I have really sensitive skin. I usually use a brush, then smooth it out with my fingertips to make it look more natural. I was pretty happy with the result.

So, there you go. Eventually, I’ll get my entire make-up bag here, but next I’m going to talk about Hermione Granger. Bye!

The Concealer + Foundation!
The Concealer + Foundation!

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